Bratiska ghost stories

Slovakia is a country with rich and various legends and stories among which you can find haunted castles, white ladies, spirits and some other enchanted creatures. It’s even though has a festival dedicated for mysteries and legends amateurs and those charming creatures lovers – the International Festival of Ghosts and Monsters – which welcome you … More Bratiska ghost stories

Sounds Hunters and the Melody of Silence

From a scratching to a whistle, from a leaking sink to air blowing into tree branches, sound is omnipresent. There are people like you and me; and there are sound craftspersons, sound adventurers. Melody of Noise is their odyssey. Those people think about sound in every moment of their life, hunting for sounds, collecting them in … More Sounds Hunters and the Melody of Silence


What is Neighbourhood? It’s a place, it’s people; it’s a place with people; it’s a place with people that live in this place. It’s the place where you live with the people that live there too. That’s the places you cross every day on your way to work, and the way back. It’s the place … More Voisinages

Slovak stereotypes

Once you know you’re gonna end up in Slovakia, you just press pause and ask yourself the same question everybody is gonna ask you during the next few months: “Why Slovakia?“ For me was more a hazardous decision: I chose first a project I was fond of and then decide it’s not gonna be bad … More Slovak stereotypes