Sounds Hunters and the Melody of Silence

From a scratching to a whistle, from a leaking sink to air blowing into tree branches, sound is omnipresent. There are people like you and me; and there are sound craftspersons, sound adventurers. Melody of Noise is their odyssey. Those people think about sound in every moment of their life, hunting for sounds, collecting them in their everyday life. Everything that exists can produce a sound. And so be used to make music. They see the potentiality behind every basic objects, beyond their visual aspect – they see the dormant sounds of everything, the hidden sounding beauty of life. And then they distort objects from their first meaning, giving them a second life. Building things together, combining them until a new sound machine comes to life. Finding the right echo, tone, vibration and acting in harmony with them, bringing out the best in their environment, finally creating a whole new hearing landscape.

While it’s offering food for thought about our personal relationship with sound, noise and silence, In Pursuit of Silence is an open call for meditation. You suddenly realize how much noise there is in our daily city life and how much it impacts our health and behaviours. Silence is not granted. The process of looking for silence is always personal but finding silence is a perfect way to focus on how your life is going on. Silence suddenly allows to connect ourselves with what surround us, to see if this is the kind of life you want to have. Preventing ourselves from the outer world distraction establishes a connection with our inner self. In Pursuit of Silence is the first step to it, 81 minutes to find awareness of what silence can bring to you.

Noise takes you effort not to listening to it – why not listening to silence instead?

Come and watch the movies with us on Wednesday 15/02

18h30: Melody of Noise, 20h: In Pursuit of Silence


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