Attraction indeed

Episode 2 “Pushing the door to enter his flat, his small kitten came along, sneaking in and out Michal’s legs, rubbing its little head and purring like a toy. Michal picked the plush out of his pocket, squatted and started waving it in front of his kitty’s head. The cat tried to catch it with … More Attraction indeed

At the end there is a choice to make

Á annan veg (Doprava doľava/Either Way) will be screened on Monday, 20th of March at 8PM and París norðursins (Paríž severu/Paris of the North) on Wednesday, 22nd, 8PM as well. Both movies are English-friendly and will be personally introduced by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson. They will also be followed by talks you’re welcome to join. Either … More At the end there is a choice to make

Game on!

Episode 1 “And so the night began. Michal had no idea where that game would take him. But he needed the money so badly it has become the only option. He used to be quite good at the game, he truly had the Poker Face. But it was when money wasn’t so much of an … More Game on!