Game on!

Episode 1

And so the night began. Michal had no idea where that game would take him. But he needed the money so badly it has become the only option. He used to be quite good at the game, he truly had the Poker Face. But it was when money wasn’t so much of an issue. Now he was afraid to lose his self-confidence. Gambling was a whole different story. When he opened the door of that notorious bar, he had a bit butterflies.

He wasn’t sure where he had ended up. It was that kind of bar with the whole bunch of guys leaning on their elbows on the bar counter. And at the exact same time he entered the place, every talk stopped, all the guys turning their faces to stare at him for some precious seconds before getting back to their stories. And it had that secret room for the players of course. Were those guys real gangsters or just pretending to be in order to scare the shit out of him? In fact, it was much easier to think they were tough ones because he wouldn’t get a second chance. It would at least put some pressure on his ass. And he always had been good dealing under pressure.

He was expected. One invited him to enter the room and then to sit at a table. Table of four – traditional game. He rolled up his sleeves and the game was on. Dealing, playing, scoring. Old habits rose up from the past. Back from the time they were playing at the uni. When he was always the winner. Even if they stopped playing since the car accident – he never played again since that day. And today, there it was. And soon, that little smile of him was on his face again. The Mona Lisa smile – mysterious but still promising. And maybe a bit mocking as well. He was back, and he was feeling it in his guts.

An old vinyl of Otis Redding was on the record player, his voice altered with those special crackling sounds. Atmosphere was relaxed but with the thrill of the calm before the storm. He felt perfectly like home. Four men, no talks. Other players of the room were quiet too. Just the good old game.

But soon, the guy on his left broke the silence. Throwing some chitchat in the air. Michal knew that move. It was a test and a bait. Soon enough the guy would share some bullshit political or extremist opinions to destabilize the idiot fool enough to listen to him. Either the guy had a tremendous hand – the kind of hand good enough to win the next turn no matter what – or he was bluffing. Michal rather believed he had the perfect hand – himself would always have a good one, it would be a terrible strategy to rely on the others. The guy on his right had turned pale – the diversion worked, he already lost. So Michal had to act quick. Without paying attention to the mumbling he picked a card and discard it with his hand – it was one time move – but he just cut the grass under the foot of the left player.

So this was it, the last and decisive round. Left guy couldn’t stop talking now. Right guy was still disturbed. They were only three still on the run. The one in front of him started to look uncomfortable as well, slightly wriggling on his seat – all his drinking might had awaken some urge. He was out too. Now the game was between him and the talkative guy. Michal counted slowly his cards, giving the false impression he had trouble. But in four turns it was over – total win. The guy was stunned. He wouldn’t believe what just happened. But it was the game and Michal won it. And the money would be soon in his pocket.

He stood and headed to the toilets. On top of the toilet paper dispenser was a small and strange plush – blue face with arms and feet. He took the plush, put it in his pocket and went out while the last notes of Pain in My Heart were on. Not bad for the night. Not bad for the retired UNO player Michal was.”

This was the first episode, hope you liked it. Now you know the rules, super easy. You suggest 5 to 10 words and I will write what happen next based on it. You can also share pictures, sentences, whatever comes to your mind. The story will go on every two week so you have one week to submit your propositions in the comments below.

This time, the given words were: gambling – car accident – opinions – record player + the header picture. Be mad for the next set!


10 thoughts on “Game on!

  1. Hi Léa!! Valentin and me would like to read something about: 1) a cat 2) bacon 3) spanish omelette 4) weed 5) beer 6) Into the Wild

    Have fun writing and thanks for your stories!

    Davva and Vale!


  2. Davide Valentin and Manuela did good job! I m waiting the new episode, but I will live my Irene;s comment! Salsa, party, travel, hitchhiking, lost, slovakia.


    1. Thank you for your really nice words ❤ I already have enough words for the upcoming episode but I will definitely use the ones you submit for the following one. I’m already loving the direction the story will take =) Thanks again =)


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