At the end there is a choice to make

Á annan veg (Doprava doľava/Either Way) will be screened on Monday, 20th of March at 8PM and París norðursins (Paríž severu/Paris of the North) on Wednesday, 22nd, 8PM as well.

Both movies are English-friendly and will be personally introduced by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson. They will also be followed by talks you’re welcome to join.

Either Way

Finnbogi and Alfred are spending their summer painting the lines of the roads alone in the vast Icelandic nature with nothing else than each other. While Alfred is waiting for the weekend parties as the highlight of the week – especially to get laid – Finnbogi just want to enjoy some rest in the nature and from his compulsory buddy. Until one weekend nothing works as planned so they will have to deal with hurt feelings and learn to confide to each other.

Pariz severu 1

Paris of the North

Hugi has fled from the capital to bury himself in a quiet life of hanging around all day doing nothing except running, attending AA meetings and feeling self-pity. When asked from one of his students about his plans for the summer, he realizes he has none until his dad shows up and stays in his house. But they have nothing in common – how are they gonna manage to survive from the summer break?

Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson is telling us two stories of two opposite characters who get stucked in unwanted proximity while dealing with the remote and sometimes hostile Icelandic nature. Two men of different ages, different vision of life forced to cohabit with each other. Two men who don’t get along so well but share the fact they’re at crossroads of their lives after trying too hard to escape from it. Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson is bringing into focus that awkwardness and human vulnerability of being stucked into broken and unsatisfying relationships. The ones you have to cope with because you can’t turn your back on a member of your family or because you’re not brave enough to end it. His characters will finally have to realize they need to make choices and take decisions which can be tough if they want to be back in control and move on with their lives.


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