Attraction indeed

Episode 2

Pushing the door to enter his flat, his small kitten came along, sneaking in and out Michal’s legs, rubbing its little head and purring like a toy. Michal picked the plush out of his pocket, squatted and started waving it in front of his kitty’s head. The cat tried to catch it with its little paw until Michal left it have the plush. Some days ago, he had heard this meowing from behind a car and found the little kitten hidden in the space above the back wheel. He knew from the beginning it wasn’t such a good idea to keep it but he couldn’t leave it like this. And now he was feeling guilty to leave it alone in the flat, feeling its fear to be abandoned again. In fact, the kitten was following him in every move, all the time – when it wasn’t hiding itself in places he never thought of. But it also seemed to be happy, as it couldn’t stop purring when stroked, which actually made Michal quite cheerful too.

He took a beer from the fridge and the leftovers of the Spanish omelette he cooked earlier. He put some peanut butter on top of it and swallowed his slice in one bite. It was his guilty pleasure no one should ever discover. It was late at night already but Michal was still feeling the adrenaline running through his body. He would need some time to release the excitement of the night. He wasn’t tired and off the next day anyway.

He turned the radio on, keeping a low volume, and started humming along with some kind of Ed Sheeran’song. He fixed the wobbly leg of the ironing board he used as his desk, took a sip from his beer and looked at the papers already marked. He has volunteered to proofread the students’ translations of his new colleague, in case she forgot some mistakes. But with the new wages protests, he has postponed the task many times. Now he had to do the job.

He had been on the verge of quitting his teaching position, dying of boredom, when this Katarina turned up to be the new substitute they were waiting for a couple of years now. They get along so well and so quickly he thought he could finally stay. She has been teaching English for some years now even though it wasn’t her mother tongue. He surprised himself when he offered to help her.

He always made a point of not dating colleagues: being caught in gossips and forced to mix with the person you just dumped everyday was not his cup of tea. And after making the mistake once, he told himself it wouldn’t happen again. Like his terrible idea he had to travel hitchhiking through Slovakia for one vacation when he ended up totally lost. Lately, he had no other ambition to live quietly – earning this extra money with the game was more than needed but he wouldn’t go again for it. And now he was falling for his colleague, having lunch together everyday, spending almost all their breaks exchanging stories from their students that couldn’t stop quoting Into the Wild. He knew so badly the mess he was into but he couldn’t help it. But they hadn’t seen each others outside from the school building. Yet.

Yesterday he was daydreaming in the teachers’ room while looking at this picture of big snowman and little girl playing chess in the snow when she invited him to join this salsa party. Caught short, he said yes. He haven’t even realized Katarina was here as well. And now he had to be ready for what would become a disaster. He has always been a terrible dancer, especially for those couple dance. He could pretend he was doing fine as long as no one was really looking at what he was doing. But dancing with someone was too much for him.

He felt asleep on the sofa. When he woke up he found his kitten next to him hugging the plush in his paws. The plush has definitely been adopted. Michal had some time ahead to decide which outfit to choose for his big night. The classy one but even less comfortable to dance with or his regular clothes risking to look not so into her whereas he really was? Tough choice.

He was about to be late so he picked up his casual clothes and then took his usual short cut. They were supposed to have dinner first so maybe he could find the opportunity to admit his weakness. He hit the brake when he realized the road was closed. He pulled back in the alley but soon he was surrounded by tens of people waving signs. He smelled the sweet typical smell of bacon and weed before hearing the shouting. He totally forgot today was the demonstration day. And he was stucked in it.”

The given words for this episode were: a cat, bacon, spanish omelette, weed, beer, Into the Wild, demonstration, peanut butter, singing Ed Sheeran’s song, proofreader, salsa, party, travel, hitchhiking, lost, Slovakia + the header picture.

I already have spare ones for the next episode but you’re really welcome to share again your words, sentences and pictures that will give life to it =) see you in two weeks =)


2 thoughts on “Attraction indeed

  1. Čau Lea, thanks for this new episode! Davva and me also want to contribute to the next one. Our words are: 1. Spaghetti 2. Alien invasion 3. Police investigation 4. Honeymoon 5. Vampires 6. Funeral of a marine
    Greetings davva and vale


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