We’re only human and we know it

Michael Madsen is coming to A4 to present two of his movies: Into Eternity and The Visit. Both of them will be screened on Tuesday, 18th of April and are English-friendly. They will be personally introduced by the director and followed by a discussion you’re welcome to join.

Into Eternity (Na večnosť) 18:00 & The Visit (Návšteva) 20:00 on 18/04

Into Eternity

We, as a civilization, depends on energy as no other civilization before us. We’re also using one which is much beyond us – as the time scale related to it. Today there is approximately 250 000 tons of highly radioactive waste in the world – knowing that nuclear waste remained hazardous to life for at least 100 000 years.

As we are building the first permanent deposit for it, which will probably be the only testimony from our civilization, how should we prevent the future generations not to enter the disposal? Which signs or images, if we let some, will they be able to understand they didn’t find a hidden treasure but the most dangerous secret of our time?

navsteva 2

The Visit is a docu-fiction of a scenario which has not yet occurred: man first encounter with a different intelligent life-form from outer space. From the question of how the humanity would and should react to this hypothetical visit and the basic questioning of who the new comers are and why did they come here on Earth, The Visit raises a lot of questions directly addressed to our visitors and tries to answer them in this case scenario with the cooperation of a set of experts from international organizations.

Michael Madsen movies also ask to question ourself as human to apprehend life from an external point of view. What do we know about ourselves? What does it mean to be human? We build ourself tools to understand what we see even if we know we still don’t understand everything. As we are limited to recognize life as we know it, will we be able not to mess with different kind of life form? Will we be able to send the right message to our very distant future heirs? Despite our core fear of the unknown and losing control, Into Eternity and The Visit encourage us to boldly step into the darkness.


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