On Cruise Control

Episode 4

Michal woke up with pure smile shining on his face. Thinking about his first day and night on Fabulous Cruise made his smile even bigger. After the parade, he joined this Horror Show Comedy Club. Professionals and amateurs were on stage telling tales of characters from the dark side of History or inspired by them, wearing their actual and realistic costumes. He was totally fascinated by England King Henri VIII story with his many dead wives under strange circumstances. But Jack the Ripper showing up on stage gave him real goosebumps.

They sailed away during the night, leaving the fjords behind them and crossing the North Sea. It was still quite early so they wouldn’t hit the Scotland coastline until a few hours. He unpacked the rest of his bag he left in the excitement of the day before and took a spare t-shirt when he realized he forgot some cat biscuit in it. Cloudy head. He was hungry so he decided to leave his cabin and go up for breakfast in spite of the early hour.

Some people actually spent their night on the terrace and fell asleep right there. The bright moving and joyful crowd from the previous day had become a sparse and sleepy gathering, pastel coloured with more discreet ornaments and laughs, but Michal was still feeling the vibrant atmosphere he left last evening.

He saw Jana, the charming granny from the lucky couple, already settled so he took a spicy cucumber smoothie and a slice of carrot cake and went to join her table. She started to tell him their story yesterday. Jana has been an air stewardess for some time when she met her now soon-to-become wife Natalia on a long flight to New Zealand. It was Natalia’s first flight and Jana showed extra care to make the young lady at ease. Until now, Natalia had been bringing supplies to a really remote village in Greenland called Ittoqqortoormiit, and getting tired of her cold and lonely life, decided to start a new one on the other side of the world.

Even though they didn’t speak much, something happened between the two women and they stayed in touch, meeting regularly all over the world. Despite the distance, intimacy started to grow and has become true love over the years. Some years ago, Jana was diagnosed with thrombosis. Doctors found many nephrolits and a pulmonary embolism almost shot her down so she had to quit her flying position. Now they were happily living together in Slovenia but who knows where else they would go after.

Today was the first rehearsal of the wedding, in order to be ready when the Fabulous would cruise along the Algarve coast. She would told Michal later than the wedding officer was wearing a different suit every session. The biggest hit – and definitely most funniest one – was when he showed up all dressed Mexican style, wearing long headed cowboy boots, rainbow fringed poncho and the largest sombrero she had ever seen. This day was quite an issue to stay focus.

As more people woke up and joined the upper desk, Fabulous Cruise came to life. Michal got a reminder he signed up for the Edinburgh tour. Spending the whole day exploring the medieval Castle, old and new town where he couldn’t stop stepping on gully covers and climbing Arthur’s Seat with its magnificent view over Hollyrood Park.

He was quite exhausted so he decided to go for a small rest before the promising show of the night, nothing less than a James Bond musical. But on his way back to his cabin, he noticed a door he haven’t seen before. Curious, he entered the room to discover a whole furnished arcade games disposal. Flashing lights and buzzing sounds from every direction. From Donkey Kong to Street Fighter, he just found his new paradise on board.

He got closer to a small crowd and was surprised to see a Chatroulette screen. Connecting randomly one Fabulous cruiser to chat with a stranger anywhere in the world. He thought this had been long outdated. He went into the eye of the webcam to try by himself and even though the first connections gave nothing, he was suddenly in contact with a dandy wearing braces and drinking shots of TatraTea.

He went to another game which advertise as psychics to find matching personalities from all the passengers on board. He told himself he had nothing to lose and start the engine on. The machine made squeaking noises and soon enough, he had a picture under his eyes. It was Katarina.”

This time, the given words were: Gully cover, Chatroulette, Nephrolith, Sombrero, Ittoqqortoormiit, Rapist, Jack the Ripper, Cat food, TatraTea, Cucumber, Musical, James Bond.

Hope you enjoyed this episode, can’t wait to see your next proposals in the comments below and write the next one in two weeks!


One thought on “On Cruise Control

  1. “your underwear smells like my donkey’s poop” , rice bagel, Mahatma Gandhi, horseradish, dead unicorn. Best of luck with these 😀


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