Is Love All You Need?

This month, Kino Inak is offering a retrospective from 4 movies of French director Mia Hansen-Løve. From her very first movie All is Forgiven to her last and awarded one Things to Come, you will navigate and share her natural vision on life.

Welcome on the first review of tonight’s movie Goodbye First Love – (Un amour de jeunesse/Prvá láska) 02/05 at 20:00in French with English subtitles and for voluntary admission.

Second review to come for next week’s movies.

Mia Hansen-Løve is picturing youthful love with a really naive but yet realistic look and how it affects her young heroine Camille, and her lover, Sullivan. The two teenagers are loving each other with carelessness and innocence of youth in all its candor and extravagance. But Camille is suffering from her dependence to Sullivan, who wants to live other experiences and find his ideal self. She will have no choice to find the way to let him go to allow herself to grow and follow her own path. Even if their bond is so strong it can’t fade over time, she will realize the excessive and beyond understanding side of her attachment but can’t really get over it. But she will also get to understand that life is never what you expect, and it’s up to her to make it the way she could become herself.

With natural light and radiance, Mia Hansen-Løve is showing life without embellishing it, unpretentious. Even when it gets dirty. Her characters are at crossroads of their life but her brave heroines are resolutely forward-looking.


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