The one to keep

Episode 6

Michal was about to grab her shoulder when a monotonous chant raised from behind the passengers. Sprung from nowhere, a whole procession of Tibetan monks was intoning a chant. At first Michal thought it was a non violent protestation but when the US Marines let them cross and join their inner circle, he realized they were actually paying a tribute to Captain Tiptoe as well. Michal would learnt more after of the special relationship between Gandhi and the Captain, which was mostly hidden from main public attention.

Except form the chant, everybody remained silent. Passengers from the Fabulous were forming lines around the inner core where the coffin was, surrounding it with ascending concentric circles of candle lights from the lanterns. Michal was standing in one of the outer circles, just in front of Katarina. Even if she saw him, her face remained still. The monks stopped among the Marines, who were all wearing their best costumes and decorations. The chant stopped with them soon after, plunging everyone in a moment of recollection.

The ceremony itself was quite short, altering moments from silence and meditative chant from the monks and US Marines telling their best stories and memories from the Captain, often funny, always brave. Suddenly someone let go of his Chinese lantern and soon enough everybody released theirs in the air, illuminating the sky with magic light dots. The Captain would have loved his own celebration.

Michal couldn’t find eyes sight with Katarina, so once the ceremony over, he left straight to go back to his room. When he arrived to his door, Katarina was waiting there. With a simple gesture, he incited her to enter with him.

Michal woke up during the night, alerted with an unusual noise. Katarina was talking in her sleep, about someone’s mom. She was mumbling repeatedly “your mom” and “you’re a chimp”. When they both woke up in the morning, he wanted to mention and ask her but finally gave up.

4th day on board. Today would be cruising only. They will sail all day in order to reach the Algarve coast the next day. After the martial law of yesterday, the atmosphere was more festive and relaxed. And today was the final cosplay competition. A big stage had been set during the night, where all participants would compete all day. Theme of this year was: heroes from your childhood.

The more into it had two costumes, one for the opening parade and a second one only for competition. Michal was surprised to realize Katarina was actually registered as a participant. She had been working on her Pippi Longstocking costume for quite a while now and will be part of the afternoon parade. He couldn’t see last night but she had actually coloured her hair into ginger.

The competition was recorded and on Fabulous live YouTube Channel. As usual, first price for best costume was a VIP pass for next edition of Fabulous Cruise with a person of their choice, second winner a regular pass and third winner would have merit award to be maid of honour in costume for this wedding edition.

And so the competition began. All participants should parade on stage, usually performing a small typical show from their character attitude. But with two other participants all together on stage. They would be progressively chosen by the jury and combined again in different pools until only ten remained from the whole process. This year, the jury was made up of – as usual – winner from previous edition and some Fabulous cruisers randomly chosen. But the hit of this year was the attendance of Pixie Cougar, the transQueen of Fashion and Night, the only one who could classy parade with leopard print and still be a role model for young teenagers.

Late afternoon the ten finalists were distinguished. Next level for each of them was to improvise a small performance on a completely irrelevant music towards their characters to show their acquaintance with their characters and costume. And of course their improvising skills. It was the only moment you could see Obi Wan Kenobi dancing on French cancan moving his cape like a skirt, Sailor Moon making a hip hop version of her transformation and Katarina in her Pippi Longstocking costume doing folkloric dance on a traditional Roma song.

The really obvious winner was Optimus Prime after the outstanding performance of limbo dancing. Katarina was awarded with the third place and specially applauded from Michal.

To celebrate the end of competition, a carousel of unicorn piñata was set in the upper desk. And soon enough participants were showered with candies, all colours and sizes. Michal thought to himself that the one they made the day before was a bit clashing with the perfect unicorns from pastry chef cruise team but no one was really paying attention.

A ”kitten bar” was settled on the terrace, so Michal quickly found himself stroking a little fluffy and purring beast while sipping a cocktail over the sunset. One of the monks actually stayed on board and was telling more about the funny anecdotes of meetings between the late Captain Tiptoe and his spiritual leader. The Captain had really a mix of crude and flowery language and was often offensive even without realizing it. One if his favourite swearing was to refer to his balls sweat without realizing how offensive it could be.

Next day they will arrive in the Algarve coast and Jana and Natalia, the two delightful grannies about to get married, told Michal to join on their secret surf spot for a quite private hen party. Promising!”

Thanks for waiting for the new episode, hope you enjoyed it as well =)

The words for today’s episode were: carousel, cat, cougar, Tibetan monks, “you are a chimp”, Pippi Longstocking, your mom, balls sweat, Roma song.

See you in two weeks!


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