It’s about People

Episode 7

When Jana and Natalia appeared on their wedding dresses, the whole assembly held their breath. They were both wearing loose and really colourful dresses, the tissue fluttering in the wind coming from the sea, their hair braided with real flowers garland. The ceremony was settled on a beach close to Lagos, a beautiful spot where nature seemed untouched and the colour of the sea so beautiful you had to close your eyes and open them again to believe it.

The ceremony itself was quite fast, the grannies already made their vows long time ago. But they renewed them based on their experience, what they shared all those years together and why they love each other so much. So the meowing from kittens were barely covering the crying.

The actual wedding officer never came – it turned out later it was because of food poisoning due to bad octopus and he had to go to hospital. The only person who could replace him at the moment was a retired civil servant travelling around. And of course she was officiating in board short.

Soon after a gipsy band started to bounce the crowd with its swinging Balkan beats. And seeing Kati dancing in her Pippi Longstocking costume was quite a view. Michal joined her and the bouncy couple almost stole the show. For a time. Because the unrelated moves of costumed passengers attending a silent disco next to them was totally the hit.

At some point, Jana waved at Michal to move to their secret spot for a more intimate party. Which was not so secret location anymore. A small surf rental has been established since some years already. There was also a small café called “A 4 mains”, owned by a mixed French Portuguese couple the grannies has become friends to. They were only serving tea – no matter what.

The owners were also celebrating the birthday of their grandson, now turning 18, so it was quite a day. And the grannies had managed to invite their close ones. Mate from lifelong friendships. The fellow ones from high school you managed to stay in touch, the ones you tried to call spirits and scared with horror stories and Ouija board. First true love, best colleagues, last acquaintances. People you met along your life journey, who saw you growing and left their mark on. People you met in moments of serendipity. People you lost some time for good, but some time found back again. People you could call anytime, any hour. And would came for you.

And all that people went to the ocean together.

Summer was here. And happiness too.”

Words for this episode were: octopus, summer is here, A4, bar, silent disco, birthday, gipsy, ouija board, serendipity, party and hospital.

Hope you enjoyed it! As said, I will be away during summer break but back for new story time in August!


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