It’s about People

Episode 7 “When Jana and Natalia appeared on their wedding dresses, the whole assembly held their breath. They were both wearing loose and really colourful dresses, the tissue fluttering in the wind coming from the sea, their hair braided with real flowers garland. The ceremony was settled on a beach close to Lagos, a beautiful … More It’s about People

The one to keep

Episode 6 ”Michal was about to grab her shoulder when a monotonous chant raised from behind the passengers. Sprung from nowhere, a whole procession of Tibetan monks was intoning a chant. At first Michal thought it was a non violent protestation but when the US Marines let them cross and join their inner circle, he … More The one to keep

Things to Come

Welcome to the second review of Mia Hansen-Løve retrospective with tonight’s movie Things to Come (L’Avenir/Začať odznova) with famous French actress Isabelle Huppert – French movie with Czech subtitles =) Natalie is a philosophy teacher in a Parisian high school. She is managing her busy life from her side publishing occupation, her moody and invasive mother, … More Things to Come

On Cruise Control

Episode 4 “Michal woke up with pure smile shining on his face. Thinking about his first day and night on Fabulous Cruise made his smile even bigger. After the parade, he joined this Horror Show Comedy Club. Professionals and amateurs were on stage telling tales of characters from the dark side of History or inspired … More On Cruise Control

Attraction indeed

Episode 2 “Pushing the door to enter his flat, his small kitten came along, sneaking in and out Michal’s legs, rubbing its little head and purring like a toy. Michal picked the plush out of his pocket, squatted and started waving it in front of his kitty’s head. The cat tried to catch it with … More Attraction indeed

At the end there is a choice to make

Á annan veg (Doprava doľava/Either Way) will be screened on Monday, 20th of March at 8PM and París norðursins (Paríž severu/Paris of the North) on Wednesday, 22nd, 8PM as well. Both movies are English-friendly and will be personally introduced by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson. They will also be followed by talks you’re welcome to join. Either … More At the end there is a choice to make