Things to Come

Welcome to the second review of Mia Hansen-Løve retrospective with tonight’s movie Things to Come (L’Avenir/Začať odznova) with famous French actress Isabelle Huppert – French movie with Czech subtitles =) Natalie is a philosophy teacher in a Parisian high school. She is managing her busy life from her side publishing occupation, her moody and invasive mother, … More Things to Come

At the end there is a choice to make

Á annan veg (Doprava doľava/Either Way) will be screened on Monday, 20th of March at 8PM and París norðursins (Paríž severu/Paris of the North) on Wednesday, 22nd, 8PM as well. Both movies are English-friendly and will be personally introduced by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson. They will also be followed by talks you’re welcome to join. Either … More At the end there is a choice to make

Sounds Hunters and the Melody of Silence

From a scratching to a whistle, from a leaking sink to air blowing into tree branches, sound is omnipresent. There are people like you and me; and there are sound craftspersons, sound adventurers. Melody of Noise is their odyssey. Those people think about sound in every moment of their life, hunting for sounds, collecting them in … More Sounds Hunters and the Melody of Silence